Owner-user development assignments employ virtually the full array of our collective expertise. Often such projects begin with a client uncertain about options for optimizing its real estate assets.  We evaluate the property’s or portfolio’s highest and best use potential — either for sale, lease, or redevelopment, or as a site for a completely new, ground-up development. We strive to understand the intrinsic value of the property to ensure maximum value for the client. We may also identify and counsel on site selection and acquisition and provide our in-house expertise for obtaining entitlements and rezoning approvals.

JM Zell can also act as fee-based developer for our clients, employing all of our consulting and project management skills to ensure an on time, on budget project.

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The Association of American Medical Colleges

The Association of American Medical Colleges

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The Association of American Medical Colleges

Shakespeare Theatre Company

Carlyle Plaza Development Corporation

National Geographic Society

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