From ground-up development to rehabilitation, renovation and the expansion of existing facilities, every project demands comprehensive management and risk mitigation to ensure success.

JM Zell manages every step of the process. We assemble the optimal team for each project and oversee the activities of all project-related vendors, thus ensuring a single source of seamless control and contact for the client during the entire project.

Our project management team facilitates the planning, coordination, and implementation processes, including the negotiation of all documentation.  We also maintain control of costs, quality and schedule. The client is involved, informed and its interests protected. Smooth and coordinated implementation assures that the project will be completed on time, on budget, and at the highest quality level.  Our unwavering attention to detail is what truly makes a difference to each client's bottom line.

JM Zell has provided project implementation services for more than $4 billion in asset value over more than two decades in 40 states and internationally.

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The Certified Financial Planners Institute (CFA)

The Certified Financial Planners Institute (CFA)

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