Why Do Our Clients Invest In Real Estate Strategy?

  • By investing resources into designing and executing real estate strategy, our clients are able to use real estate as a lever to improve their competitive position which may reduce internal costs, increase productivity, and better align their real estate with overall business goals.

Why Outsource Real Estate Strategy?

  • Delegating real estate strategy to specialists allows clients to allocate time and resources to core business operations.
  • Access to best-in-class experts with broad real estate knowledge and experience, gives clients flexibility in executing real estate strategies regardless of complexity.

Why Is JM Zell An Ideal Real Estate Strategy Partner?

  • Unlike transaction-driven independent contractors working for commissions, all team members at JM Zell are salaried employees with bonus compensation based on client satisfaction.
  • JM Zell emphasizes the process of understanding your core business and approval processes to deliver and implement real estate strategies that best align with your unique business goals and operations.
  • We partner with one business leader per industry segment and do not offer landlord representation as a service line, avoiding conflicts typical in large brokerage shops.
  • We apply our broad real estate knowledge to quickly assess situations, craft creative strategies, and maximize leverage for diligent pursuit and execution of the chosen course of action.
  • We have experience in managing complex corporate real estate portfolios and executing individual transactions in every major U.S. city.

Who Are Our Clients?

  • Forward-thinking companies, institutions, and associations who are interested in creating value at every level of their organization.

  •  Learn more about our clients and their real estate success stories.

What Can Clients Expect From Our Team?

  • In-house expertise in all aspects of real estate with senior management actively involved in day-to-day project execution.

  • JM Zell’s role as a true confidential fiduciary allows clients to freely share critical information, integrating JM Zell into the client’s team, insuring all information is considered in creating and executing strategies.

  • Working in partnership enables clients to confidently determine the optimal course of action and build internal consensus to successfully execute each real estate project regardless of deal type, form of control, or jurisdiction.

  • Our clients’ goals are met in a timely manner with innovative, creative and focused solutions.